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Mission Statement: The City of Hudson Assessor’s Mission is to establish and maintain the valuation of all properties within the City. The use and distribution of this information provides an indirect benefit to any individual who wishes to buy, sell or finance property in the City of Hudson. The valuation of all City properties is an annual procedure. The effective date for establishing values of properties is December 31 of the current year.

The Assessor’s Office is responsible to carry out the state mandate of physically inspecting all properties in the City. Inspections include measuring the structures on the property, verifying with the owner, when possible, and information about the property, verifying with the owner, when possible, information about the property, taking digital photos, checking the land description and entering the data into the computer. The Assessor has three basic duties:

  1.  Inventory and list all property within the City.

  2. Uniformly and equitably evaluate taxable property within the City.

  3. Calculate the taxable value for every taxable piece of property within the City.


         We will continually review the State Tax Commission’s publication entitled “Supervising Preparation

         of the Assessment Roll” throughout the assessment year to assure that the assessment roll is

         prepared in accordance with said publication.


See us for: Section Maps, capped Values, Taxable Values, Equalized Values, Property Descriptions, Property Sales and Listing, Property Status/Location, Industrial Facility Tax Exemption, Appraisal Study, board of Review and other information. Some of this information may be attained directly on this site.  See the links in Assessing for more information.


You can reach the Assessor, Stephanie Renius or assessing staff every other Monday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm 517-448-8983 and by email on the opposite Monday, except all holidays.  You can also access the data for the City of Hudson by clicking on property tax and assessing data on the City website.




City of Hudson Online Disclaimer

City of Hudson has provided this on-line tax and assessing information as a service and convenience to its residents, businesses, real-estate professionals, and any other interested parties.  All of the information provided herein is public and available to anyone by an in-person visit to the City Office.

Neither the City, nor any department, officer, or employee of the City warrants the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information published by this system, and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information.  Portions of such information may be incorrect or not current.  Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from this system does so at his/her own risk.

Hudson City collects property taxes from July 1st, the year of any given tax through February 28th of the following year.  Any taxes still due on March 1st are then turned over to the Lenawee County Treasurer for continued collection.  Any taxes still showing due on this sit only indicate that, as of March 1st, they had not been paid to the City of Hudson.  Further inquiry as to the status of these taxes must be directed to the Lenawee County Treasurer's office.

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