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Learning in Hudson

The Hudson Area School District consists of four facilities located on North Maple Grove Avenue:  The Hudson Area Schools Administration Building at 781 N. Maple Grove, Hudson Middle/High School at 771 N. Maple Grove Ave., and Lincoln Elementary School at 746 N. Maple Grove Ave.  The Hudson Area Schools website is    (517) 448-8912


Southern Michigan Center for Science and Industry is located at 550 E Main Street formally known as the M & S Manufacturing, visit us at   We provided middle/high school and adult students with skilled trades training. This training is specifically designed to meet the needs of local industry.  It provides flexible solutions to education & training needs for the individual wanting to pursue a career change or for the corporation that wants to train an employee.  (517) 448-1413

The City also has the area’s only Catholic elementary school, Sacred Heart School, at 208 S. Market Street, offering classes from pre-school through 6th grade.  Sacred Heart School’s website is 448-6405

City of

Hudson, Michigan

Small town, big heart

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